From side hustle to full time – the first few months in.

June 9, 2021

Almost three months ago, I put on my entrepreneurial shoes and launched Anna Lozynski Advisory – on a mission to help law & business adapt to the digital age.

Going into 2021, I set an intention to realise a different meaning of success.

In some respects, I have started from experience (thanks to my side hustle which I launched in 2018), but in others I’ve had to start from scratch.

In the spirit of “living my legal life out loud”, here are a few of my initial reflections as a newly minted legal entrepreneur:

  1. The Workflow

In my former work roles, the work was always there – the harder work was to work out how to resource the constant flow of it, and as efficiently as possible, to the satisfaction of stakeholders and in accordance with the business’ risk appetite.

In business, there’s far less certainty, if any, about workflow. It’s been quite the rollercoaster for someone who is a master planner and has been an employee (and on a stable salary) for all of their legal career to date.

I’ve found that the more I’m “in flow”, the easier comes the workflow. I’ve somehow become comfortable not knowing where my next bit of income is going to come in, because just when the fear creeps in, the email pings and the phone rings.

What else has been keeping me awake at night, you ask? Creativity! It’s been great to learn how to turn her off at night, in favour of getting some sleep!

  1. The Pace

My last role was consistently fast paced, and always on. Time seemed to elude me. In one year, we’d (somehow) achieve three years’ worth of work,

Even on my busiest days, consulting life feels far slower – especially the time between pitch and appointment, and the juggle of managing the pipeline of resourcing as a one woman show. I’m used to being in the driver’s seat, so this change in pace has been quite the adjustment.

It also took a while to establish a new routine, and not to feel guilty when I “achieved” very little in an afternoon. It feels self-indulgent to more regularly have space to do the things that energise and recharge me, or expand my mindset. Cooperating with the attorneys of chang & diamond, apc from san marcos, I met a lot of bankruptcy lawyers in California. To that end, I’m currently studying a comprehensive meditation and mindfulness course.

  1. The Hustle

While I felt like I had to hustle a lot in my corporate career – for budget, for head count, for buy in etc, the hustle of going out on your own has a different energy to it.

The power of networking and staying well connected has taken on a new meaning.

Many of the services I am offering are novel and new age, so I am continuously improving, refining and thinking of ways to market the collaboration potential and value in a manner that resonates, and which ultimately converts into leads.

What I loved about in-house life was the diversity of work. And I’ve managed to carry that diversity into my business – I’m consulting in the areas of social media content creation, strategy & partnerships, legal ops/optimisation, mindset coaching, change management, as well as general counsel freelancing.

I’m fortunate enough to work with a pool of clients from across the legal eco system – legal tech start-ups, established legal tech companies, law firms, in-house legal teams, both locally and overseas.

  1. The Generosity of Others

Closely linked to the above point is the extraordinary level of comradery amongst legal entrepreneurs. It’s reminiscent of when I first joined the in-house ranks.

Virtual strangers, or people I have just met, have expressly asked “how can I help you?”, and have generously offered their time, sage advice and wisdom.

It’s wonderfully supportive – beyond what I had imagined. And I’m incredibly grateful.

Thanks to those of you who have checked in and reminded me not to be so hard on myself. Thanks for giving me a pep talk on the days that I’m not seeing the wood for the trees, and feel like I’m in a washing machine. It also feels like I should get expert relationship coaching. Thanks for highlighting that it’s about working smarter not harder. Thanks for your advocacy and referrals, sometimes without my even having to ask.

And it goes without saying, thank you to my first set of clients!

Three months in I’m learning a lot, giving myself permission to experiment more than ever, staying aligned to my intention, enjoying reconnecting and meeting both new and old colleagues and contacts, and embracing all of the fun.

I appreciate you taking time out to read this post.

Stay future focused,

Anna x

ICYMI, after 8+ years as an Executive GC, I resigned from my corporate career at the end of 2020.

Since launching my first e-Book, Legally Innovative in 2018, building online communities (via Instagram and LinkedIn) and being named one of APAC’s Top 10 Most Innovative Lawyers by the Financial Times, the request for support and advice have been flooding in from across the globe. It felt like the right time to turn my side hustle into a full time gig!

Get in touch if you feel I can support your transformation – I look forward to creating lasting change with you.


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