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I’m on a mission to help law and business adapt to the digital age.

Get ready to raise your IQ2.0 [Innovation Intelligence] and be bold, curious and disruptive.

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Why, hello there. You have virtually arrived just at the right time.

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Get ready to raise your IQ2.0 [Innovation Intelligence] and be bold, curious and disruptive.

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Legally Innovative is a must read for any one in the law who is interested in transforming their mindset, professional relationships and legal presence. And who wants to maximise their legal W.O.W [Ways of Working].

Now also available as an audiobook.

Understand the power of your mind.

The secret to innovation is Mindset.

You are living technology. How you program your mind is a choice.

This guide contains 10 mindset hacks to help you be your best innovation self.

Welcome to the future of the law.

The New Age Lawyers e-book is an in-depth series of conversations with 13 innovation professionals from around the globe who over “20 questions” tell us about what it takes to live, breathe and thrive in the legal roles of the future.

Like a jazz musician, Anna riffs on critical themes and deliberately provokes you to think of your own ideas and to join in on the jam. You aren’t bogged down in long stories – you are given a framework and tools and some helpful, encouraging guidance.  

– Professor Scott Westfahl, Harvard Law School.

I say Hi.

I’m an executive general counsel based in Melbourne Australia, and the author of Legally Innovative. I’m on a mission to inspire others to “do law” differently, creating transformation tools and guidance to support you. A day in my life involves trying to be the best Mama, lawyer, wife, colleague and friend possible, nourishing my body and mind, and geeking out on legal innovation. read more…

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The tools and insights Anna shares in her eBook Legally Innovative are required reading for any in-house legal leader looking to leverage and win through innovation. If you want to make your mark and unlock the potential within, I encourage you to follow Anna's lead.
Claire E Bibby
Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel Immediation
Innovation is often overused to the point where it loses meaning. But Anna puts it back into great perspective.
Fiona Nguyen
Founder GirlFriday IP
Boom! Loved reading Legally Innovative, even though I am outside of the legal profession.
Damian Kristof
Creator & Owner Forage Cereal and Vida Lifestyles
Here’s an e-pocket full of legal innovation inspo. Anna’s eBook Legally Innovative is an honest, sassy, empowering and a fun weekend read. It breaks down why legal innovation requires fierce prioritizing in the face of the day to day and provides practical tips to develop the ”trifecta of intelligences”. Thank you Anna for encouraging us to be bold, curious and disruptive.
Tessa Ramanlan
Solicitor | Co-founder & Director Anika
Just picked up my copy of Legally Innovative. Needless to say it’s an incredibly refreshing read! Highly recommend it for all inhouse lawyers looking to disrupt the status quo!
Patricia Troll
Senior Legal Counsel  
What a bloody powerhouse @legallyinnovative
Sarah Holloway
Lawyer turned funtrepreneur | Founder Seize The Yay Podcast | Co-founder Matcha Maiden and Matcha Mylkbar
If you have been looking for inspiration and concrete examples of how to innovate and do law differently, I highly recommend Anna’s eBook, Legally Innovative. Since reading it we have implemented several ways of working Anna recommends. Her book challenges the legal industry to get out of legal service delivery auto pilot with practical ideas about how to do it. Whether you’re looking for some inspiration for your team’s objectives, or are just curious about innovation, it is gold.
Anna Sutton
General Counsel
I read Legally Innovative over the holidays and found it super thought provoking and inspiring to see how technology and a creative mindset can enhance the way we deliver legal services and solve complex problems! I highly recommend reading this book.
Brianna Jones
Lawyer Fashion Blogger
Anna has written a winner in Legally Innovative for lawyers of all stripes everywhere
George Beaton
Professor Advisor Researcher
While I’m not in the legal profession, I am passionate about innovation. Totally inspired, and impressed by Anna’s eBook, Legally Innovative. If you are in the legal profession, in innovation more generally, or just want to read a book that will make you think in a different way written by an incredible thought leader, then get this eBook and enjoy!
Sarah Neill
Intrapreneur | Corporate Development Ultra Mobile & Mint Mobile
During my three years in legal operations/technology/innovation, I have met many people. Some inspire and influence whilst others pass through unnoticed. Anna stands out for many reasons. Her professional manner is admirable. Her passion is infectious and her immense knowledge cannot be dismissed. Now her book! A thought provoking, light reading and adventurous foray into your WOW [ways of working]. This is a must read for those who know innovation, want to know innovation and need to know innovation.
Tracy Tyrrell Van Heer
Global Director of Sales   

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