Celebrating the second (and almost third) anniversary of Anna Lozynski Advisory.

December 7, 2023

March 2023 marked the second anniversary of Anna Lozynski Advisory, and as the Universe (finally) threw the most transformative experience my way—welcoming our little miracle into the world and becoming a Mama —I’ve found a moment to pen my updated reflections about this entrepreneurial journey to share with you, in the spirit of “living my legal life out loud”.

1 – Co-founder Chronicles

Amidst the miracle of growing life, the latter half of 2022 saw the birth of inCite Legal Tech. At 34 weeks pregnant, I co-launched our offer to law firms of a strategic “pulse check” on their digital transformation. Through two immersive yet efficient remote workshops, we delve into Business, Process, People, Platform, Operations, and Security—delivering a comprehensive executive report with a scorecard and actionable insights. Our foray into the legal profession’s intricacies has been both challenging and rewarding, with the recent unveiling of Legal CRM Pro marking a significant milestone.

Selling anything to the legal realm is undeniably a puzzle, but it’s invigorating to dive “under the hood” of law firms globally. We’re encountering fascinating individuals, and unlocking tremendous potential in the digital transformation landscape.

2 – The Birth of Generative AI

The past 12 months have been a whirlwind in the realm of Generative AI. Attending OpenAI’s (now again) CEO, Sam Altman’s exclusive Australian appearance in June 2023, amidst breastfeeding duties, was a surreal experience.

Having followed and experimented with AI since 2017, staying abreast of the AI boom has become a daily ritual during baby nap times – articles, webinars, podcasts, social media threads and posts by AI leaders.

For example, I use generative AI tools on the daily – to complement my own ideas, certain types of content generation, some contract redlining, and to draft basic emails. I’ve experimented with using AI for some new professional headshots too.

3 – Consulting Resilience

In preparing for motherhood, my commitment to staying connected to work matters remained steadfast. I was conscious of not wanting to miss who I was before assuming my most important role as Mum. While I never fully disconnected or took traditional parental leave, there was a significant pullback in both networking, and accepting consulting gigs. The fast-paced tech world as well as the desire to maintain professional relevance motivated this decision. Oh and getting paid, that motivated too!

It was also important to me to stay visible and connected online, so I prioritised that. My posts on LinkedIn have achieved impressions in the millions, and a whopping +422% spike in engagement year on year.

Sleep-deprived months presented challenges, both personally and professionally, but the freedom to choose this path, and the “juggle”, over the comfort of paid parental leave in a job brought invaluable experiences and all the flexibility.

Efficient work has become even more of a necessity, and the balance between performing and savouring precious baby moments has been priceless.

4 – Celebrating Cool Things

My vulnerability went viral as I shared some deeply personal experiences: an arduous fertility journey and my birth story, connecting me with others in unexpected ways. That included running a webinar on fertility challenges in the workplace with some incredible women from across the globe.

My first in-person speaking gig as a Mama (thanks Relativity) – going out solo with heels on – felt like a massive accomplishment a few months postpartum. As did writing for Forbes as a contributor across this year.

Three working holidays, two local and one overseas, exemplified work-life integration. It’s a good blurred lines problem to have.

The recent appointment as a Brand Ambassador for AI-powered health tech company, mygene.com.aufulfilled a longstanding business wish to collaborate with a tech company outside of the legal realm.

Now, with more sleep and renewed energy, the future holds exciting prospects—legal freelancing, perhaps reviving Book Me In – my future focused book club, and an eagerness to say “yes” again to more opportunities.

Looking Ahead to 2024

As I venture into 2024, here are my aspirations:

  • Legal freelancing: Seeking remote opportunities with forward-thinking companies or law firms.
  • Influencing: Reigniting efforts to spotlight legal tech and tech solutions. We need legal tech more than ever.
  • Connections: Welcoming law firm inquiries about inCite Legal Tech‘s pulse check and/or its CRM software.
  • Bold Ventures: All the cool things and collaborations that happen – usually via my LinkedIn DM’s!

I’m working on some new concepts too, continuing to feed my growth mindset. Stay In the Know about these, and please join my communities online on Instagram and LinkedIn.

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has been part of this incredible journey, and my trailblazing ways.

Dream until it’s your reality” – Golden Goose.

Here’s to being bold, curious, and disruptive.

X Anna

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