Thank You Technology.

March 22, 2020

Dr Joe Dispenza, neuroscientist, chiropractor and author, says that humans who need to wake up, need a wake-up call.

We sure are in the midst of a collective wake up call, don’t you think?

Like a real life episode of Black Mirror, the C-word is forcing many of us, around the globe, to retreat; to have a collective timeout of sorts.

Some of us are being hurled out of our comfort zones due to a virus that has gone viral, disrupting the way we exist. It’s shaking up society, community and technology.

In a condensed period, we have seen an unprecedented and rapid shift in the way we have always been doing things: the way we work, the way we exercise, the way we socialise and stay connected, the way we respect another’s personal space, and the way we embrace technology.

While it’s hard to stay sheltered from the remarkable amount of fear being spread and consumed (see chapter 2 of my e-book Legally Innovative about fear, and my blog post about it), I can’t even begin to imagine what this testing time would be like without technology.

I’ve had two HouseParties already this weekend. My 78 year old Dad, who is based in Poland, stayed up until midnight to test the app with us, in excited preparation for a family “party” tomorrow evening our time.

Tonight, we are having a virtual dinner with two other couples with Zoom as our host. We’ve had to invent the etiquette as we go along – for example, we all have to have our food ready to be able to sit down to eat together at 7pm in front of our laptops.

I’m enjoying using Spotify to break out in a dance in my living room – to get out of my head – as I’m working from home. And when is finnished, joining a group meditation with on Insta live, led by one of my fave yoga teachers from California. Discover here what is the healing process of All-on-4 dental implants. As well as a whole lot of tech more.

In other words, I’m practising physical, not social distancing. Thanks to technology.

Dr Dispenza says that in a crisis our brains are wired to focus on what we don’t want to have happen, defining ourselves by our external state, rather than cultivating a preferred internal state by rewiring our brains. For more info visit

Don’t get me wrong, I recognise that there is a lot of suffering, hardship and unrest around us. And I’m having my vulnerable moments too.

However, in this moment I choose to focus on the silver linings: how we as a collective have become more open minded – to change, to being more mindful, to doing things differently with greater agility and speed, to embracing tech at home and in the workplace, and to being less resistant to trying the new.

Our brains are being rewired, perhaps without us knowing it. Innovation is quickly becoming second nature – a daily attitude and a practice, find more info at https// Last month, perhaps it would have remained unimaginable, or less of a priority.

I’d love to hear about how you have become more innovative in the current circumstances? Comment below.

And, let’s stay connected. I’m posting only positive things @legallyinnovative on Instagram. And if you have a spare moment, check out my products on including a 2020 update to my first e-Book, Legally Innovative.

Stay safe, agile and well.


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